Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gingham Fever!

Summer is in full force and just when you think the trend will disperse, gingham makes it into the summer retail market once again! As it does EVERY YEAR! It is flirty, it is cutesy and oh so angelic for a nice warm summer day! It seems to be a little more fun this year, as it is being found on adult hair accessories, mens runners and even mens casual shoes! SOOOOO I guess it is officially a unisex trend and not to say that we haven't seen mens gingham dress shirts since like...ALWAYS but when I see it on the lining of mens NIKE runners - I succumb to its unisexiness haha :P

Oh I had to add this in because who knows how to attract attention better than MCDONALDS - Even they know what's up!!!! Check out all of this gingham! LOLLL

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Summer 2011 Obsession - Color Blocking!!!

I have been hunting down any colorful item that I could find for this Summer 2011. I have literally become obsessed with the Color Blocking trend with bright color combos that don't necessarily match but they definitely compliment each other for that WOW factor! Now I know what your thinking...this is tooooo much but its all about your capability of letting loose and experimenting with color. If your not quite sure how to put colors together then keep in mind that you can follow my simple rule of always making sure to match a couple of accessory items to make the look come together. Andddd if your stillll not sure then you can just take a look at my favorite combos!

Sea Pink Princess
Now your wondering what the hell I did here...yet your thinking about how nice these colors look together even though they are pretty random. The best way to look like you have "Haute" style is to put together a look that is glamorous and daring. Don't be afraid to wear color and to come out of your winter box! I typically like to match my lipstick to my accessories so that I can have a unified look but it is not necessary :) AND you don't need to spend a lot to get this look...this can be done on a low budget! I haven't necessarily picked out the cheapest items for this look but you can definitely shop around and find similar pieces at Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe and pretty much anywhere else at your local mall...Its easy to find because they are so bright :D

Skirt: Lacoste $56
Top: QSW $38
Bag: Dooney & Burke $155
Lipstick: Revlon color - Wine With Everything $5
Shoes: Dolce Vita $170
Earrings: Gorjana $55
Necklace: Jose & Maria Barrera $1,025
Bracelet: Alison Daniel $78

Royal Pristine Princess
Isabella Oliver, Kate Spade, Steve Madden
This gorgeous pristine look is sassy, sexy and NOT slutty! What better way to attract attention than to razzle dazzle their eyes off with amazingly bright colors for spring. This is an easier look to put together because I have only used 2 colors and white doesn't count because it is so basic and matches with all haha! Your sure to be turning heads with a white dress, geode ring, sky high COMFY wedges and Neon Pink accessories.

Hint hint hint*** Shift dresses that are not revealing are all the rage this summer :D

Dress: Isabella Oliver $289 
Bag: Kate Spade $295 
Shoes: Gurlee $129 
Ring: Dara Ettinger $90 
Hat: Ralph Lauren $38 
Belt: Miu Miu $165

Sunny Orange Princess
Estee Lauder, Kate Spade, Miss Me, Dooney & Bourke
Bright as candy!!! Yum!!! Don't you just want to eat this up??? Or is it as luscious as a bowl of fruit? Hmm I cannot make up my mind! Either way this color combo is delectable this Spring 2011 and it just makes me want to rush into summer! I actually bought a pair of orange pants and wore it with a white crochet top and bright pink lipstick and I got soooo many compliments from people shopping around at Bloomingdales... I even had ladies asking me for fashion advice because I look like I know what I am doing hahaha

Dress: Isabella Oliver $289 
Bag: Kate Spade $295 
Shoes: Gurlee $129 
Ring: Dara Ettinger $90 
Hat: Ralph Lauren $38 
Belt: Miu Miu $165

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Precious White!!!

Ooh la la white! As always white is a gorgeous summer color and it is always included in designer spring/summer collections whether haute couture or mass market! The different part about the white trend this Spring 2011 is the fact that the hot thing to do is to wear ALL white - from head to toe! Shoes, tops, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, bags, hats, jewelry and whatever else to tickle your fancy! Yes matchy matchy - lets hope not to get dirty! The toughest thing to keep clean = white wardrobe..The problem with this crispy clean color is that you wear it once and then it must either sit in your laundry basket or be sent to the dry cleaners... This can get quitttte pricey...so I tend to keep these white pieces to a minimum but you bet I will be sporting this trend at least once (most likely more because I love white against sunkissed skin :D)

Mini tid bit*** Pleassssseee promise to match up your whites...not all whites are white! Can you believe that lol...the worst is to see someone wearing a bluish white with a greyish white...or even ivory...big no no....just make sure it looks good together...IN THE SUNLIGHT!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding! The gorgeous new princess...

JeWho could miss the royal wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton??? Now conjoined and ennobled as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they come to attract more attention than Lady Diana's Wedding to The Prince of Wales. They had over 24 million viewers in the UK alone and billions of viewers around the world.
My interest here is first off, how gorgeous the new Duchess looks and what she is wearing. She glowed in her white gown designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. This is pure luck...Sarah Burton is lucky that she got this opportunity of a lifetime. This will blow up her career and her work, to create millions or even billions of sales and popularity in her name.
One major way that trends emerge is from celebrity figures and you bet that Kate Middleton is a BIG focus right now! It is all about what she is wearing  - so lets start....

Tiara - This 1936 Cartier tiara lent to her by Queen Elizabeth was purchased by King George VI for the Queen's 18th birthday. As gorgeous as this piece is, I am sad to say it is very simple and wished to see something more ornate!

Earrings - According to the Official Royal Wedding site, the earrings are “diamond-set stylized oak leaves with a pear shaped diamond set drop and a pave set diamond acorn suspended in the center.” The design was inspired by the new Middleton family coat of arms, which features oak leaves and acorns. Designed by Robinson Pelham, to match her tiara, these earrings were given to her by her parents (Carole and Michael Middleton).
I would've worn insanely huge diamond chandelier earrings...but that's just me...

Hair - Half up and half down (this will definitely create a trend in wedding hairstyles and probably everyday hairstyling too!) Very simple yet again..she is just a simple kind of gal...

Bouquet - Designed by Shane Connolly, included lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth and ivy. 

Gown - As mentioned above, this is a Sarah Burton by Alexander McQueen creation.  The Official Royal Wedding site, posted a statement saying, “Miss Middleton chose British brand Alexander McQueen for the beauty of its craftsmanship and its respect for traditional workmanship and the technical construction of clothing."
This gorgeous V-neck, long sleeve gown had a lace appliqué which was hand-made by the Royal School of Needlework using the Carrickmacross lace-making technique. (This technique is made by applying fine cambric or muslin to a mesh base, the design being outlined with a thick thread and the surplus fabric cut away to form the pattern on the net base. 
I am loving this gown because of the peek-a-boo effect of the lace applique on the upper body...very sexy yet still very conservative. The new princess seems to be a very conservative lady (as a princess should be) and Prince William is a very lucky man. :)
Tid bit*** The designer of the dress was kept a secret up until the wedding day.

What are other designers saying??? (OK Magazine)

Designers are speaking out and sharing their professional thoughts on Kate’s dress. Do you agree?
“She is very elegant,” Karl Lagerfeld said (via WWD). “The dress is classic and goes very well in the Westminster decor. It almost reminds me of (Queen) Elizabeth’s wedding, the royal weddings in the ’50s. The proportion of the train is good. The lace is very pretty. I like the veil a lot.”

Christian Lacroix said, “I like the dress very much, simpler than expected: A combination just in between 1956 Grace Kelly and 1947 Queen Elizabeth. I love the modest veil with the queen mother’s ’30s scroll tiara and balanced volume of the whole gown.”
“She’s radiant; she never was so beautiful,” Christian added. “And Prince William’s red Irish [Guard] uniform is gorgeous.”

But some designers were bold enough to add in a few negative comments with the positive ones!

“The dress is very simple and very nice,” Hubert de Givenchy said. “The veil is a little flat, but because she has such a lovely face, she can afford to wear it this way. She is very pretty.”
And Hubert thought that Kate choosing a dress from McQueen was “a lovely thought, a nice tribute.”

“It was a very elegant dress, subtly refined and discreet, in keeping with her style,” Elie Saab said. “I would have liked it even more with a little extra volume and a longer train.”

 After all this being said - simple style or not, I think they look gorgeous together and as the entire world congratulates their union, so do I!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am pretty sure everyone has seen one of these foot accessories at some point or another but that is fashion. It's all about picking up on trends and wearing them ONLY within their time frame and then putting it away when it dies out. One year an item can be the hottest, trendiest piece to wear and then the next year it can be the tackiest...this is the fun of following fashion! And honestly...some people can't tell when to let go of a trend. This is why I am here - to help show you what is hot and what is not...of course this is all opinion but lets face it...some people need help! (or guidance)
Getting back on subject....
These Thongs or Barefoot Sandals are typically a beach item but the couturiers who have control of bringing trends into the worldwide mass (ignoring weather conditions, all logic and geographics), include none other than Chanel.
As most of us may know, Chanel is at the top of the food chain and sets trends in the amazing world of fashion, so no matter what Mr Karl Lagerfeld chooses to throw on that runway becomes an instantaneous hit in the mass market shortly after.
Gorgeous feet/foot accessories no longer need to be limited to the beach! You can wear this with a cute wedge(keep it simple) or even a cute sandal...be sure to try on your sandal with the accessory first to make sure it does not hurt or interfere. I am even more excited for warm weather so that I can rock one of these sassy little pieces!

The Treat Girl did a great post on how to make these silly little thongs so why waste your money if you can create your own design! :) Check out her post!

Fun Fashion Fact*** Normally the Haute Couture styles would be exposed and purchased by the socialites or wealthy people and only later would the style infiltrate the mass market. This process is called the "Trickle Down Theory"... Nowadays due to the internet we are speeding up this process because the mass has more and more access to trends, which creates a higher demand for fashion. This demand has pushed mass retailers to supply an abundant amount of fashion found on catwalks in less time in order to keep their customers satisfied with their fashion cravings.

After realizing that I have just pointed out a COUTURE TREND to the mass, you will understand that you are not delayed on trends...if you're wearing a foot thong this summer...your bound to show off your flair for fashion way before anyone else!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

ROCK OUT with your C...ROCK OUT!!!

Geodes are the new rage right now! Well at least in my books but I guess the celebs would vouch for that also! What a spunky accessory that is bound to get some attention from MEN & WOMEN without breaking the bank! Don't get me wrong, some pieces are crazy expensive but you can 100% find gorgeous pieces for the right price and guess what?? Each one is unique! How amazing is it to enjoy something that is "AU NATUREL." A piece that is basking in all of mother nature's glory!? Can you believe that these were found and simply cracked or cut open - and VOILA, you have gorgeous effortless beauty! I definitely suggest adding these show stoppers to your collection, if you haven't already because you are sure to get compliments - actually - I assure you that you will get compliments EVERYTIME you wear a piece of geode jewelry!

This was sent to me after viewing my post - I had to show that she is a good girl and showing off her rock!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


It all started when I was at a street market in NYC and I saw this AMAZING t-shirt that so perfectly described how I felt. I found it absolutely hilarious!!! Visit his site - he is a great artist :) TOM SHARP DESIGNS
 I have always hated UGG boots - hence I never bought a pair. I never understood why someone would want to wear these oversized boots to make their feet look like a gianormous yetti... Similarity??? I think soooo DING DING DING!!!

 Doesn't matter if they make them in my favorite colors or in blinged out versions by Jimmy Choo - I still refuse to buy them! I have to say that in NYC, people either hate them and refuse to be associated (as I) or they ABSOLUTELY love them and will wear them anywhere, with anything and they stilllll think it looks hot/cute/trendy or wtv definition they have for it!

Now I get it - they are warm but it kills me to see people walking around with these dinged up dirty UGGS that look like they've been through a world war - cause lets face it....Suede doesn't last longer than the day you own it... ESPECIALLY if you are wearing them in snow with all the salt to damage your poor boot (not that I care for them)
Now for the first time in my entire life I have visited the site and found some hideous relatives of the UGG boot - o sheesh - take a look...Now I admit they are staying on target with trends - bright colors, animal prints, florals, color blocking, fringed, fur - but woahhhhh why do you need an UGG in the SPRING???? This is ridiculous...

Please visit LELA LUXE's page to hear her rant and rave about the UGGS...it was hilarious!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Animalistic Instinct - Spring 2011 MEN & WOMEN!

You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals so let's do it like they do it on the discovery channel!
Haha remember that stupid song???
Well its not only jungle fever anymore people, its all about the Animal Kingdom - from amphibians to mammals to feathered creatures??? Wow what a crazy range of animals - but they seem to be hot this Spring - randomly picked from Noah's Arc and seductively plastered onto fashion items ranging from shoes to dresses to shirts! And let us not forget the men because ohhhh boyyyy is this animal trend hot for them toooo!!!!! Designers want to bring out the sass in these boys haha but they are sticking to typical cheetah and leopard prints...kind of disappointing because the runway is capable of presenting anythingggggggg..I'd still say its a weeee bit daring for a straight man but oh so sexy to seduce those gay boys hehe
Key Animal Trends
  • Animal prints re-invented in bright colors
  • Animals are STILL hot in mother natures colors
  • Oversized prints
  • Giant animal heads being the main focus of item
  • Any animal goes (reptiles, mammals, birds etc)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

SHOE-ICIDE!! You be killin' em!

Girl you be killin' em! Shawty you be killin' em! Yes, just when shoes couldn't get anymore painful than sky scraper heels, Chanel collaborates with Laurence Decade to design shoes that could KILL!!! Literally! And ok ok this was something that came out last year but dam I still can't get over it!

Do you think Coco Chanel turned in her grave seeing this mockery of her hard earned name? Don't get me wrong - this is something that would be typical of McQueen or even Charlie Le Mindu but Chanel??? I admit I was quite shocked to find these... Chanel is so prestigious, lady like and fit for royalty - only then I am to find out that Madonna rocked these...rocker, sexual and crazy Madonna...would the princess to-be (Kate Middleton) wear these? NOOOOO!!! I love the concept and 100% like the fact that these were designed OUTSIDE of the box - but Karl...you used Coco's brand in vain...sorry...

My helpful source: http://www.interestings.net/?p=1293
Please note that not all of these are Chanel...but they fit right in.. I'm sure you get the idea...


Monday, April 4, 2011

Nerds, Nerds, Nerds - Nerds I do adore - NOTTTTTT!!!!


Wow so nerdy specs/glasses/spectacles whatever these are seem to be making a huge statement! They are all over the red carpet, on the streets of NYC and in high end fashion shows...talk about going back to a trend from the 70's that should have been left behind along with those scary fro's and bushy mustaches!

I cannot explain how unattractive I find these things (lets not name them because they are so creepy) Ohhh and look at the Tracy Reese's colored ones in blue - EW! 

I vote these specs back into your elder's closet and leave them there forever and ever to live happily ever after in the dark dingy corner!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring 2011 - Denim DO or Denim DON'T?

Denim denim denim, what will we do with it when everyone's brain is embedded with 80's bedazzled denim or full on denim outfits from the 90`s that make people cringe and shy away. Well there is light at the end of the tunnel not that anyone would care because they have just avoided it unless it was a pair of jeans...butttttt if you really want to stay trendy this Spring...you will need at least one or 2 of these pieces to add to your collection. Now it seems like a tough thing to do but I'm sure if Mr. Louboutin could sport this trend in his Spring 2011 shoe collection... I`m prettttty sure you could do it too :)
A denim wedge or sandal is a playful way to include this trend in your spring collection - its casual, its flirty and is easily paired with any color of the rainbow, the same way a denim pair of jeans would - good basic to include! This Denim swim suit is really hottt right now - check it out in the Mercedes Benz Swim Suit Guide!
Jeggings (aka extremely stretchy jeans - jean/leggings) are reallllly hot right now - why???? Because they are soooo comfortable and thicker than legging fabric to avoid showing all the beautiful cellulite that us gorgeous women are blessed with....
These are some of the Spring 2011 denim trends that should be scaring you away! Oversized, boring and doubled! Why do these designers think these pcs would sell for their insanely high prices???? They are sooooo unflattering and if I see this on anyone in Manhattan, I swear I will buy a bucket of paint and throw it on them..hideous!!!
If you are interested in how to rock double denim please visit this site! www.collegefashion.com


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As I was on the prowl for a new swim suit for beach season coming up - I decided to analyze the MERCEDES BENZ SWIM collection and break it down into trend categories to see what is really hot right now because you know us fashionistas love to be wearing the hottest trendiest pieces :D

Now everybody already knows what swim suit is good for their body type and what the basics are so I decided to skip those and zone in on the trendy colors/cuts and prints! Here goes:

I work in the lingerie fashion industry and this FAUX-DENIM trend is really hot right now - All our biggest retailers are dying for any style that is in relation to this trend...obviously everybody in swim wear loves it too!!! This used to be associated to a very urban customer but not so much anymore!

This is a new trend that I am loving but these are solely show pieces - nobody in real life that wants to go to the beach would wear these lol but I still find them hot - these pieces look like they can be a 2 pc bikini but connected with netting, knots or lace - LOVE the black Beach Bunny swimsuit on the right!

Wow someones got cold nippies hahaha - crossovers are very popular right now - they used to be strong way back when but made a nice come back to spice up a simple swim suit!

O feathers! I heart them!!! They are so pretty and feminine and if you notice they are all peacock feathers :) Feathers are stilllll hottttt guysssss so keep on wearing them!

Eh they say everyone hates a gold digger but baby I love em - I am a sucker for anything gold! It was sort of taboo to wear all gold and a weeee bit raunchy but hell if you have the body - pleassssse rock it!!!

Ahhh jungle fever - I love what it means (haha) but Im not a hugggge fan of it...its kind of typical and pretty strong every year but just so you all know - its stillll here...so your still in style if your wearing it from decades ago lol

Now this trend is hot - mmmm especially on the guyyyy!!! I love a man that can wear girly colors and not be shy about it! I like the whole mix and match idea that Tyler Rose has going on :) Now I can go into my swim suit collection and mix-n-match whatever I want loll

Had to prove my point about the 3 hottest Spring 2011 colors - Yes orange is hot for both men and women!

MMMM I have nothing to say - pink speedo on sexy body - what more is there hahaha

This is a gorgeous Spring 2011 color - reminds me of an ice cold freezy pop - mmm I cannot wait for summer :D

OOOO white - lovvvve white - when you get a nice tan and your wearing white...sooo sexy! I am loving the whole crochet idea by Lisa Maree but more of a show piece if anything...
Designers are adding anything to give their basics added value and more funnnn! Everyone has a basic 2 pc but not everyone has starfish on theirs like Luli Fama!! I like to be different so these are a lot of fun :)

Meowwwww (or a zebra sound lol) - animals are sexy as helll this year in everything! I was kind of shocked that there weren't too many leopard prints but gotta love any animal :D

These are some fierce pieces! I wouldn't wear any of them except Mara Hoffmans 2 pc - WOW sexy as hellllll - I think I want to buy it for my trip!!!

Bigger is better! I am loving the first pc but abit scared about the boldness of the crotch area - make sure your clean shaven lollll and I think I want to buy the white Caffe swim suit alsooo ahhh too many choices!

These are cute but I am not sure how I feel about these lingerie-ish pieces...I like to keep my sexy lingerie collection separate from my swim suit collection... Seduction should be saved for the bedroom :x (As if swim suits have not become skimpy enough already)

Love these wild cards but pleassssse where can you wear these??? Terrible tan lines - eek - definitely for Miami rooftop parties under the umbrellas... Or for people that don't need or want to tan...not MOI! lol

To view the entire collection of each Designer click HERE