Thursday, January 27, 2011


Meet Sassy Minx - She is the diva lady that will give you her insight on the emerging trends that she most HATES!

[Sassy Minx] As much as I am loving some of the newest trends seen all over the city - I am also seeing MANY trends that I HATE! Somehow people are eating them alive and can't get enough of them! The one I hate today are TRAPPER HATS! Yes those big furry God awful trapper hats that every man and woman insist on buying to keep warm! What happened to normal hats??? Is it hot to be walking around like your Simba? King/Queen of the jungle? (yessss I mentioned queen to be politically correct) OK, obviously they keep you warm but what is sexy with being associated to a hunter? Come here big boy (says a creepy big hairy woman) - Unless your tall thin and modelesque, this hat equals not sexy in my books and I don't care what anyone says!
Please leave your comments below if you care to explain why you so dearly love this trend! I'm up for some convincing...BUT if you hate it - PLEASE SHARE TOO! HAHA


  1. I was jut mentioning that to someone the other day, How awful these hats are. seeing a grown man in one of these things is a turn-off. I cannot imagine what men think when they see a woman in this dead animal thingy!!!!

  2. The animal hats are hideous...with the ears on them that Khloe insists on wearing, but the other ones can be cute depending on the outfit. I wouldn't wear one because I look like a complete idiot wearing it!

  3. okay so i tried to post on this weeks ago.....but i would like to say that it makes me happy to know that I am not the only person who thinks these hats auuuuucks!!! WTH!?

  4. hahaha! you know what I mean!!!