Sunday, March 20, 2011


J'adore DIOR! Wow Mr Dior you never fail to amaze me - The beautiful ladies said "SHOW ME MORE COLOR!!!!" and OH boy did you work it for Spring 2011! Don't be afraid to go beyond the TOP 3 COLORS this Spring! From sunshine yellow, to candy pink, lime greens, blue skies and yummy mauves all smooshed together to create a seductive bowl of candy - AKA the Ladies!
Now that we got my color outburst/obsession out of the way - we can get down to business.

Key trends for Spring 2011

  • Tie Dye Effect (Yes its backkkkkk)
  • Crotchet effect/knots (referring back to the nautical trend which re-appears  EVERY spring and also creates a Peek-a-boo effect)
  • Bright eyeshadows
  • No more matchy matchy - Mr Dior is mix'n'matchin colors that don't necessarily match but they accent eachother!
  • Ankle detailing on sandals/wedges (whether it is feathers or a lace up and bow)
  • Draping effects (to hide some body bulge :D hehe)
  • Ruffles (yayyyyy feminism)
  • Above knee length dresses or long maxi dresses - NO INBETWEENS
  • Halter necklines and MANY variations of it
  • Fringes(Fringe bangs or fringe detailing on garments)
  • Skinny belts
  • Colorful handbags
The fun about fashion these days is that there is no right or wrong way to dress especially with all the trends emerging. If you are not sure how to strut your style then keep your wardrobe simple and accessorize by adding a flirty colorful bag or a pair of sexy sandals. Just remember that even though something is in style...doesn`t necessarily mean you should be wearing it.. AKA trapper hats!!

Have fun this spring and if you need some help then just ask :D

These are just my favorite pieces - so if you want to see the whole collection then please visit HERE!


  1. I want dress No. 1. When I loose 100 lbs I could probably wear it.:)

  2. I'm happy I was able to inspire you with my Coco Chanel quote :) You have great posts :). Following you back, happy to keep up with the latest Trends :)


  3. fab dress's. amazing colours really like the blue one on the bottom row.

  4. Fantastic colors! I simply adore the whole collection!!! Thank you very much for visitin gmy blog:) You are too kind to me:)


  5. Oooh this collection is lovely :) thanks for sharing.

    Following you now :)