Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As I was on the prowl for a new swim suit for beach season coming up - I decided to analyze the MERCEDES BENZ SWIM collection and break it down into trend categories to see what is really hot right now because you know us fashionistas love to be wearing the hottest trendiest pieces :D

Now everybody already knows what swim suit is good for their body type and what the basics are so I decided to skip those and zone in on the trendy colors/cuts and prints! Here goes:

I work in the lingerie fashion industry and this FAUX-DENIM trend is really hot right now - All our biggest retailers are dying for any style that is in relation to this trend...obviously everybody in swim wear loves it too!!! This used to be associated to a very urban customer but not so much anymore!

This is a new trend that I am loving but these are solely show pieces - nobody in real life that wants to go to the beach would wear these lol but I still find them hot - these pieces look like they can be a 2 pc bikini but connected with netting, knots or lace - LOVE the black Beach Bunny swimsuit on the right!

Wow someones got cold nippies hahaha - crossovers are very popular right now - they used to be strong way back when but made a nice come back to spice up a simple swim suit!

O feathers! I heart them!!! They are so pretty and feminine and if you notice they are all peacock feathers :) Feathers are stilllll hottttt guysssss so keep on wearing them!

Eh they say everyone hates a gold digger but baby I love em - I am a sucker for anything gold! It was sort of taboo to wear all gold and a weeee bit raunchy but hell if you have the body - pleassssse rock it!!!

Ahhh jungle fever - I love what it means (haha) but Im not a hugggge fan of it...its kind of typical and pretty strong every year but just so you all know - its stillll here...so your still in style if your wearing it from decades ago lol

Now this trend is hot - mmmm especially on the guyyyy!!! I love a man that can wear girly colors and not be shy about it! I like the whole mix and match idea that Tyler Rose has going on :) Now I can go into my swim suit collection and mix-n-match whatever I want loll

Had to prove my point about the 3 hottest Spring 2011 colors - Yes orange is hot for both men and women!

MMMM I have nothing to say - pink speedo on sexy body - what more is there hahaha

This is a gorgeous Spring 2011 color - reminds me of an ice cold freezy pop - mmm I cannot wait for summer :D

OOOO white - lovvvve white - when you get a nice tan and your wearing white...sooo sexy! I am loving the whole crochet idea by Lisa Maree but more of a show piece if anything...
Designers are adding anything to give their basics added value and more funnnn! Everyone has a basic 2 pc but not everyone has starfish on theirs like Luli Fama!! I like to be different so these are a lot of fun :)

Meowwwww (or a zebra sound lol) - animals are sexy as helll this year in everything! I was kind of shocked that there weren't too many leopard prints but gotta love any animal :D

These are some fierce pieces! I wouldn't wear any of them except Mara Hoffmans 2 pc - WOW sexy as hellllll - I think I want to buy it for my trip!!!

Bigger is better! I am loving the first pc but abit scared about the boldness of the crotch area - make sure your clean shaven lollll and I think I want to buy the white Caffe swim suit alsooo ahhh too many choices!

These are cute but I am not sure how I feel about these lingerie-ish pieces...I like to keep my sexy lingerie collection separate from my swim suit collection... Seduction should be saved for the bedroom :x (As if swim suits have not become skimpy enough already)

Love these wild cards but pleassssse where can you wear these??? Terrible tan lines - eek - definitely for Miami rooftop parties under the umbrellas... Or for people that don't need or want to tan...not MOI! lol

To view the entire collection of each Designer click HERE

Monday, March 28, 2011

Should Fashion and Food mix???

TOP SHOP said yes to this question but their customers said noooooooo - these 3 tops are now 50% off and stilllll expensive!!! I would never wear this but hey who am I to judge... Just have to say they tried and obviously failed...who is this Ashish person anyway? Does he call himself a designer? I could slap a couple of pictures of food and have them screen printed on a crappy t-shirt or sweat shirt tooooo and sell it for an excessive amount of money!! These are worth no more than 20$ at retail...why would the buyers from TOP SHOP think this was worth the value? I really don't think this is an image that their branding team would want people to associate them with...but who am I? Well I'm an opinionated consumer haha and apparently not the only one that disagreed with this purchase - hence they are half price!

Smiley Face Fry Up Sweat by Ashish
  • Was $120.00
  • Now $60.00

Fast Food Tee by Ashish
  • Was $80.00
  • Now $40.00

Banana Split Tee by Ashish
  • Was $80.00
  • Now $40.00

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    MOST DISTURBING DESIGNER!!!!! See who it is...


    Wow was I in shock when I came across the work of this designer...really creeped out that people are appalled by this because if nobody was interested then they would've been out of business long ago....unless they have a rich daddy financing their flavor of fun...ughhh... Need I say more...just take a look at this creepy stuff (sorry if it gives you nightmares) and anybody amused by this...ewwwww ur a creep lol
    Let me know your LEAST fave design...or whatever I should call it...costume? Wig? Accessory?
    Weirdness was taken to a wholllllle new level...just goes to show that anything will work..and bet the marketing for these guys is insane...'cause bad publicity is better than no publicity...
    This is by FAR the most disturbing designs I've ever had the to look at...
    Kind of a little bit worried that they will hunt me down because of this blog... I swear I'm innocent....
    I can handle naked....

    This girl covered in blood is soooo terribly disturbing....how was that allowed to go on the catwalk...They must be really disturbed people...The whole team that worked on this...

    New style of wigs guys :D

    Barbie in the middle bottom is actually an accessory on a cake...YAY perfect for a 6yr olds bday party hahaha

    Its just creepy, gory and I`m scared to keep looking :(

    Every single pc has its own unique feature!! (Top left corner)The perfect shoe for an everyday almost dead kinda feeling :) (Top middle) The perfect mask for a doc who wants to perform a surgery in style. (Top right corner) A cute little masquerade mask for the masquerade ball later tonight. (Bottom left corner) Newest chic hair do...the new take on Gaga`s bow tie hair. (Middle bottom) The new Muslim headgear in a fashionable textured clay or fabric?? (Bottom right corner)And a gas mask...awww yessss this is the best buy of the season, you can where this around the house or a night on the town! Sexy!!!

    Thursday, March 24, 2011


    NEONS ARE SOOOO HOTTTT!!! See them at their best with Betsey Johnson's amazing neon dress collection!
    I only chose my few favorites from her collection because in case you haven't noticed I am a COLOR junky and I love anything that stands out! The rest of her collection is fun and cute but I died when I saw these fluorescent dresses! I could just imagine how they would glow in the dark! She should have turned the lights off and had her dresses painted with glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and then she'd get even more of a wow factor to end her Spring 2011 collection! By the way - these were the last pieces on the runway and you know what they sayyyyy - SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!!!
    You bet these crazy neon colors are hot right now and have been for a couple of years now - they are getting stronger and stronger - when will it die - I give it 2-3 more years because who doesn't love to break out a gorgeous neon bag or t-shirt for those beautiful sunny days???

    OOOHHH and fun tid bit - in case you didn't notice - they are all wearing blinged out necklaces that say RIDE ME!!! hahaha loveeee you Betsey!!!
    Key Trends within this MINI collection
    • Neonnnnsssss - How did you guess that was going to be my FIRST key trend??? haha
    • Chunky necklaces and bracelets
    • Ruffles
    • Gradient/ombre effect
    • Tie dyeeeee (haha stillll here)
    • Bright make-up
    • Tiny waist and bigggg fluffy dress/skirt - I call it the "Princess" look - every little girls dream :D
    • Strapless silhouettes

    To view the full collection you can visit - HERE!

    You can also visit her website!

    Sunday, March 20, 2011


    J'adore DIOR! Wow Mr Dior you never fail to amaze me - The beautiful ladies said "SHOW ME MORE COLOR!!!!" and OH boy did you work it for Spring 2011! Don't be afraid to go beyond the TOP 3 COLORS this Spring! From sunshine yellow, to candy pink, lime greens, blue skies and yummy mauves all smooshed together to create a seductive bowl of candy - AKA the Ladies!
    Now that we got my color outburst/obsession out of the way - we can get down to business.

    Key trends for Spring 2011

    • Tie Dye Effect (Yes its backkkkkk)
    • Crotchet effect/knots (referring back to the nautical trend which re-appears  EVERY spring and also creates a Peek-a-boo effect)
    • Bright eyeshadows
    • No more matchy matchy - Mr Dior is mix'n'matchin colors that don't necessarily match but they accent eachother!
    • Ankle detailing on sandals/wedges (whether it is feathers or a lace up and bow)
    • Draping effects (to hide some body bulge :D hehe)
    • Ruffles (yayyyyy feminism)
    • Above knee length dresses or long maxi dresses - NO INBETWEENS
    • Halter necklines and MANY variations of it
    • Fringes(Fringe bangs or fringe detailing on garments)
    • Skinny belts
    • Colorful handbags
    The fun about fashion these days is that there is no right or wrong way to dress especially with all the trends emerging. If you are not sure how to strut your style then keep your wardrobe simple and accessorize by adding a flirty colorful bag or a pair of sexy sandals. Just remember that even though something is in style...doesn`t necessarily mean you should be wearing it.. AKA trapper hats!!

    Have fun this spring and if you need some help then just ask :D

    These are just my favorite pieces - so if you want to see the whole collection then please visit HERE!

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    3 HOTTEST CANDY COLORS for Spring 2011!!!

    Bright, sexy, Ooooo so yummy colors - I can just eat these colors upppp! OH-SO-YUMMY BUBBLE GUM PINK, REFRESHING OCEAN TURQ and ORANGE FRENZY! This Spring, color is SOOOOOO important because you can play with styling and cuts, whether fitted or loose or cute, ruffly, with feathers or even fringe - you're good to go as long as you have them in these CANDY COLORS!

    A really strong Trend with these CANDY colors is color blocking - whether its done by pairing a cropped top in lime green and a bubble gum pink fitted skirt as Leona Lewis did on the left or done as the Prada bag right next to it!
    Having fun with color is easy! If you don't want to accentuate your body in a full on colored dress as Versace did on the left then you can easily add an accessory like a cute turquoise clutch or a fringed stiletto by Louboutin (or a wedge like the one from Messeca to go for comfort :D)
    Orange was always a difficult color for me but I am LOVING the way it is played out here! Feathered stilettos by Mr Dior and a color blocked bag by Marc Jacobs and your a jetsetter for the Spring!

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    SPRING 2011 is WEDGE CRAZY!!!

    I am in LOVE with wedges and have been wearing them whether they were in or out but YAY this spring/summer they are REALLLYYYY hot and they are coming out with these amazing designs!!!
    We now have so much choice in shape, size, styling, color and even price!!! I love them!!!! The best part is that they are ULTRA sexy and ULTRA comfy!!! Doesn't get better than that!
    Now I know its still early to be thinking spring but guess what - there is NO snow in NYC so as soon as the weather warms up a little you bet I will bring out my WEDGES!!!! And so will the rest of NYC!!! I am sooooo excited!!! See some hot and crazy wedges below...

    Wow - every shape and color and they are oh so yummy!!!! Except for the brown moccasin one lol - this is hideous and refers back to my FRINGE trend that went wrong or the SNOWTIRE, MOCCASIN, CONSTRUCTION BOOTY that I hated on! My faves are the Pierre Hardy pink and orange wedges....mmmm I want them soooo bad but they are a weee bit pricey for me :(

    You will also notice that color blocking is REALLY hot this spring - but I will do another page on that soon... Love the metallic wedge by RODARTE...and MESSECA has done a great job by keeping it simple with a splash of color... There is a wedge out there for you...just need to find it :

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    [Sassy Minx] "TRENDS I HATE" - Snow tires, moccasins and construction boots = NO!!

    [Sassy Minx]Yes, you couldn't believe it when you saw it, it was like your worst nightmare...you woke up screaming, sweating, feeling like you were almost pushed over the edge... Then reality hit and it was like a BAD dream come true - the snow tire, moccasin, construction booty IS BACK!!!! AHHHH! WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE TREND? Its like trying to cook a recipe of disaster! Mixing and matching things that JUST DON'T WORK!

    I understand you love to be comfortable and you could probably trek across the entire country in these suckers but GOSH why would you want to look like shit doing it?
    Sorry to all those ladies that are cringing and hating on the "Trend I hate" right now but please do yourself a favor...throw them away... These were hot in the 90's and God obviously forgot to forbid them to come back...

    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    DUCK = YUCK!

    [Sassy Minx] "TRENDS I HATE" - DUCK = YUCK!
    Please tell me how an animal soooo cute can get named after such a terrible and ugly boot??? I get it ducks are waterproof but ducks are adorable and cuddly...unless you have food and they run after you and attack you hahaha
    Getting a little off topic...maybe because I am so disgusted by those waterproof boots that I am avoiding the subject...
    New Yorkers are wearing these all around..in rain, snow and in weather that it is not necessary to wear these...maybe because they think this is FASHION??? AHHHH Fashion Police where are you when I need you???? These are beyond worse than the RUBBERS I recently wrote about!!!!
    They are just hideous and the funny thing is I never noticed how many people were wearing them until one person pointed them out and I expressed my undying HATE for them... after that it was like the ducks were haunting me! They were everywhere!!! AHHHH get them away!!!!! THROW THEM IN A RIVER!!! Leave the poor cute lil ducky reputation alone and stop tainting it with these hideous boots!!!

    Just in case you were SOOOOO in love with these duckers, Tommy and Michael (yes I am only using the first name because I have lost all respect for them...why MICHAEL WHY!!??) took the initiative to make them just as trendy/ugly as ever with a heel!!! :D YAYYYY everyone is 100% running to get them!!!! Get them before they are sold outtttt!!! SEXYYYY!!! (ugh I just puked a little...not from the running..just from staring at this shoe too long)

    Oh did I mention they come in all shapes and sizes!!???! Well just in case you didn't love the basic style enough they have been designed with fur, high boot, short boot, slip on, solid and prints and all...doesn't get any better right??? :D....barf again...o geez I cannot look at these anymore - so look below at the cute ducky :)
    Yay cute duckies :D