Thursday, February 24, 2011

THE THREE F'S - Fringe, Fur and Feathers!

Yes the final F word has been revealed and you cringed a little when you saw it - but before you turn away and reject it - just have a look at the fringes below...They are sexy, gorgeous and make you want to rock them! The accessories, the dresses and gotta love the BANGS! (Maybe because that is my hairstyle haha) I absolutely love Versace's take on fringes, definitely made something known for hideous cowboy propaganda and elvis jackets into a seductive sexy detail on a dress!
Just to remind everybody of how hideous a fringe COULD BE - I've included some images below - hehe....yummy isn't it????
It seems to be easy to do fringe the wrong way - but the designers that were capable of making it WOW should get an applause...I'm so jaded by the ugly fringe that I would have never thought to design something that even involved a fringe...but talent is talent and congrats to them! AND BOOOOOO for those who tried and failed! Better luck next time! If they are still in business....


  1. I love it. gotta have it all. great post

  2. Even the sexy elvis jacket? Hahaha

  3. What's up with the glasses????? I want the Pocahontas shoes/sandals NOT!