Tuesday, February 22, 2011

THE THREE F'S - Fur, Feathers and F?!

O yes I have just revealed my 2nd F word! FURRRRRR!!! (The 3rd one will be revealed tomorrow)
All about furrr, anything furrry whether its a coat, a bag or even a live pooch, FUR is hottttt right now! Literally! And what better way to stay warm in this terrible winter weather? Doesn't matter if you're against real fur, there are many beautiful pieces that are animal friendly like BEBE's Faux Fur Vest!
Fur is luscious and bold and been around for ages yet the trend has never died. This year seems to be a BIG year for fur! Check out this fashion site for Andrea Uku's page on Street Style and all the fur she's been finding! Its definitely a common piece in everybody's wardrobe! The great thing about it, is that there are so many variations of this trend and you can find it in almost any way you fancy it, whether its a HUGE fur coat or a simple trim on a collar.
Fur was commonly associated with wealthy women and men and lets not forget that it was an actual form of currency from the 1500's to 1900's. It wasn't as popular after that but was always considered a precious piece and only the richest of the rich had it...Now everyone can afford it - Darn!
By the way - I had to add in those disgusting Trapper Hats because as much as I hate it - someones loving it! HAHA

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  1. I like Dior's furry purse. jeep em coming!