Wednesday, February 9, 2011


BIGGER IS BETTER! Bigger, longer, bolder! That's what she said right!!! Well designers all over the world are reflecting this trend. These are some key pieces to add to your wardrobe to stay current and to spice it up! Oh and by the way...get your mind out of the gutter!!!
BIGGER IS BETTER! That's right! I said it - to catch all you dirty little minds hahaha but it is in fact true - whether it is a basic fabric/belt or it is elaborate, it is making a BIG statement! This also brings back the sexiness of corsetry. TIP - Ladies, this is also a nice way to cinch the waist and have it appear small!
LENGTH MATTERS - Well at least with thigh high boots it does! To each their own in any other way but in fashion right now - Length Matters! Even though these ladies are covered practically head to toe it is still such a sexual trend and is associated with prostitution or should I say sexual activity. I think this is why I feel some people are holding back - but you will follow...soon haha

CHUNK-A-LICIOUS - Kind of sounds like a big chunky chocolate cookie - but WRONG. This trend is showing that it does not matter the material of these gorgeous bangles, whether metal or wood grain but that we should be pimping out our wrists and showing off our outrageous side.

ELABORATE NECKS - this here is showing that we do not need to show off our seductive neck to sexify our outfit! Not only are these necklaces the main focus, whereas normally people want it to be their face but they are pairing it with these wild outfits that have just as much going on. Does this mean that there are more ugly people emerging and designers are trying to hide it???? haha oops

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  1. Love the chunk-a-licious. And yes, Bigger is Better.