Monday, February 21, 2011

THE THREE F'S - Feathers, F? and F?!

The three F's that are super hot right now! Can you guess what they are? Well the first one is FEATHERS!!!! I will reveal the next 2 in the next couple of days! So stayed tuned and let me know if you can guess them :P
Feathers are sooooo in right now whether its on a dress, a hair accessory or on your lashes!
They have been around for a couple of years and getting stronger by the minute.
Its not your typical tribal feather or something tacky of that sort - these feathers are sleek, sexy and seductive! If you aren't loving the feather coat by Lanvin or the skirt by Jean Paul Gaultier then add some feathers in your accessories - these are inexpensive, subtle and gorgeous!
High end designers have trained the mass to associate feathers with wealth, prosperity and fortune! Feathers are FRIGGIN expensive therefore why did everyone think they were cheap and tacky? Well let me tell you! Feathers have been commonly found on Vegas show girls, flapper girls and raunchy Halloween costumes. The common denominator are that these ladies are not wearing enough clothing, using sex to their advantage and flaunting their disdain for what is commonly considered unacceptable behavior. And there you have it - now put those close-minded concepts away and start flaunting your Feathers!

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