Sunday, March 27, 2011

MOST DISTURBING DESIGNER!!!!! See who it is...


Wow was I in shock when I came across the work of this designer...really creeped out that people are appalled by this because if nobody was interested then they would've been out of business long ago....unless they have a rich daddy financing their flavor of fun...ughhh... Need I say more...just take a look at this creepy stuff (sorry if it gives you nightmares) and anybody amused by this...ewwwww ur a creep lol
Let me know your LEAST fave design...or whatever I should call it...costume? Wig? Accessory?
Weirdness was taken to a wholllllle new level...just goes to show that anything will work..and bet the marketing for these guys is insane...'cause bad publicity is better than no publicity...
This is by FAR the most disturbing designs I've ever had the to look at...
Kind of a little bit worried that they will hunt me down because of this blog... I swear I'm innocent....
I can handle naked....

This girl covered in blood is soooo terribly was that allowed to go on the catwalk...They must be really disturbed people...The whole team that worked on this...

New style of wigs guys :D

Barbie in the middle bottom is actually an accessory on a cake...YAY perfect for a 6yr olds bday party hahaha

Its just creepy, gory and I`m scared to keep looking :(

Every single pc has its own unique feature!! (Top left corner)The perfect shoe for an everyday almost dead kinda feeling :) (Top middle) The perfect mask for a doc who wants to perform a surgery in style. (Top right corner) A cute little masquerade mask for the masquerade ball later tonight. (Bottom left corner) Newest chic hair do...the new take on Gaga`s bow tie hair. (Middle bottom) The new Muslim headgear in a fashionable textured clay or fabric?? (Bottom right corner)And a gas mask...awww yessss this is the best buy of the season, you can where this around the house or a night on the town! Sexy!!!


  1. ewww what was that? Awful. That is fashion?? I don't mean to be square but seriously...what was that? over the top awful.

  2. Absolutely disgustinggggggggggggg!!!! I couldnt believe it when I saw it!!!!

  3. All these pictures remind me of hair caught in the drain.... just gross and I wish it wasn't there, lol

  4. Ohhh wowwww!!!! Thats sooo true!!! Haha ewww

  5. OH MY LORD!!!!just me or the guy next to the girl covered in blood looks like he's wearing a condom??