Thursday, March 3, 2011


[Sassy Minx] "TRENDS I HATE" - DUCK = YUCK!
Please tell me how an animal soooo cute can get named after such a terrible and ugly boot??? I get it ducks are waterproof but ducks are adorable and cuddly...unless you have food and they run after you and attack you hahaha
Getting a little off topic...maybe because I am so disgusted by those waterproof boots that I am avoiding the subject...
New Yorkers are wearing these all rain, snow and in weather that it is not necessary to wear these...maybe because they think this is FASHION??? AHHHH Fashion Police where are you when I need you???? These are beyond worse than the RUBBERS I recently wrote about!!!!
They are just hideous and the funny thing is I never noticed how many people were wearing them until one person pointed them out and I expressed my undying HATE for them... after that it was like the ducks were haunting me! They were everywhere!!! AHHHH get them away!!!!! THROW THEM IN A RIVER!!! Leave the poor cute lil ducky reputation alone and stop tainting it with these hideous boots!!!

Just in case you were SOOOOO in love with these duckers, Tommy and Michael (yes I am only using the first name because I have lost all respect for them...why MICHAEL WHY!!??) took the initiative to make them just as trendy/ugly as ever with a heel!!! :D YAYYYY everyone is 100% running to get them!!!! Get them before they are sold outtttt!!! SEXYYYY!!! (ugh I just puked a little...not from the running..just from staring at this shoe too long)

Oh did I mention they come in all shapes and sizes!!???! Well just in case you didn't love the basic style enough they have been designed with fur, high boot, short boot, slip on, solid and prints and all...doesn't get any better right??? :D....barf again...o geez I cannot look at these anymore - so look below at the cute ducky :)
Yay cute duckies :D

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  1. What!!!! I can't vote for the cute ducks???? because they have my vote for sure.