Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3 HOTTEST CANDY COLORS for Spring 2011!!!

Bright, sexy, Ooooo so yummy colors - I can just eat these colors upppp! OH-SO-YUMMY BUBBLE GUM PINK, REFRESHING OCEAN TURQ and ORANGE FRENZY! This Spring, color is SOOOOOO important because you can play with styling and cuts, whether fitted or loose or cute, ruffly, with feathers or even fringe - you're good to go as long as you have them in these CANDY COLORS!

A really strong Trend with these CANDY colors is color blocking - whether its done by pairing a cropped top in lime green and a bubble gum pink fitted skirt as Leona Lewis did on the left or done as the Prada bag right next to it!
Having fun with color is easy! If you don't want to accentuate your body in a full on colored dress as Versace did on the left then you can easily add an accessory like a cute turquoise clutch or a fringed stiletto by Louboutin (or a wedge like the one from Messeca to go for comfort :D)
Orange was always a difficult color for me but I am LOVING the way it is played out here! Feathered stilettos by Mr Dior and a color blocked bag by Marc Jacobs and your a jetsetter for the Spring!


  1. uuuu,love all of them! and i'm gonna use them all!

    love ur blog by the way!


  2. Beautiful post! I love orange for spring!!! Love your blog and now following, maybe you'll have time to visit mine:)

  3. ah love it, following ! :)