Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gingham Fever!

Summer is in full force and just when you think the trend will disperse, gingham makes it into the summer retail market once again! As it does EVERY YEAR! It is flirty, it is cutesy and oh so angelic for a nice warm summer day! It seems to be a little more fun this year, as it is being found on adult hair accessories, mens runners and even mens casual shoes! SOOOOO I guess it is officially a unisex trend and not to say that we haven't seen mens gingham dress shirts since like...ALWAYS but when I see it on the lining of mens NIKE runners - I succumb to its unisexiness haha :P

Oh I had to add this in because who knows how to attract attention better than MCDONALDS - Even they know what's up!!!! Check out all of this gingham! LOLLL