Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am pretty sure everyone has seen one of these foot accessories at some point or another but that is fashion. It's all about picking up on trends and wearing them ONLY within their time frame and then putting it away when it dies out. One year an item can be the hottest, trendiest piece to wear and then the next year it can be the tackiest...this is the fun of following fashion! And honestly...some people can't tell when to let go of a trend. This is why I am here - to help show you what is hot and what is not...of course this is all opinion but lets face it...some people need help! (or guidance)
Getting back on subject....
These Thongs or Barefoot Sandals are typically a beach item but the couturiers who have control of bringing trends into the worldwide mass (ignoring weather conditions, all logic and geographics), include none other than Chanel.
As most of us may know, Chanel is at the top of the food chain and sets trends in the amazing world of fashion, so no matter what Mr Karl Lagerfeld chooses to throw on that runway becomes an instantaneous hit in the mass market shortly after.
Gorgeous feet/foot accessories no longer need to be limited to the beach! You can wear this with a cute wedge(keep it simple) or even a cute sure to try on your sandal with the accessory first to make sure it does not hurt or interfere. I am even more excited for warm weather so that I can rock one of these sassy little pieces!

The Treat Girl did a great post on how to make these silly little thongs so why waste your money if you can create your own design! :) Check out her post!

Fun Fashion Fact*** Normally the Haute Couture styles would be exposed and purchased by the socialites or wealthy people and only later would the style infiltrate the mass market. This process is called the "Trickle Down Theory"... Nowadays due to the internet we are speeding up this process because the mass has more and more access to trends, which creates a higher demand for fashion. This demand has pushed mass retailers to supply an abundant amount of fashion found on catwalks in less time in order to keep their customers satisfied with their fashion cravings.

After realizing that I have just pointed out a COUTURE TREND to the mass, you will understand that you are not delayed on trends...if you're wearing a foot thong this summer...your bound to show off your flair for fashion way before anyone else!



  1. ohhhhhoooooo wooohooo I love em. I want some foot thongs. this is going to fly off the shelves. Love your post very informative and well written.
    Au revoir Princess. Are you watching the royal wedding tonight? Want to see the scoop on that!!!