Thursday, April 7, 2011

SHOE-ICIDE!! You be killin' em!

Girl you be killin' em! Shawty you be killin' em! Yes, just when shoes couldn't get anymore painful than sky scraper heels, Chanel collaborates with Laurence Decade to design shoes that could KILL!!! Literally! And ok ok this was something that came out last year but dam I still can't get over it!

Do you think Coco Chanel turned in her grave seeing this mockery of her hard earned name? Don't get me wrong - this is something that would be typical of McQueen or even Charlie Le Mindu but Chanel??? I admit I was quite shocked to find these... Chanel is so prestigious, lady like and fit for royalty - only then I am to find out that Madonna rocked these...rocker, sexual and crazy Madonna...would the princess to-be (Kate Middleton) wear these? NOOOOO!!! I love the concept and 100% like the fact that these were designed OUTSIDE of the box - but used Coco's brand in vain...sorry...

My helpful source:
Please note that not all of these are Chanel...but they fit right in.. I'm sure you get the idea...


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  1. Wow big disappointment with this design from Chanel.