Sunday, April 17, 2011


It all started when I was at a street market in NYC and I saw this AMAZING t-shirt that so perfectly described how I felt. I found it absolutely hilarious!!! Visit his site - he is a great artist :) TOM SHARP DESIGNS
 I have always hated UGG boots - hence I never bought a pair. I never understood why someone would want to wear these oversized boots to make their feet look like a gianormous yetti... Similarity??? I think soooo DING DING DING!!!

 Doesn't matter if they make them in my favorite colors or in blinged out versions by Jimmy Choo - I still refuse to buy them! I have to say that in NYC, people either hate them and refuse to be associated (as I) or they ABSOLUTELY love them and will wear them anywhere, with anything and they stilllll think it looks hot/cute/trendy or wtv definition they have for it!

Now I get it - they are warm but it kills me to see people walking around with these dinged up dirty UGGS that look like they've been through a world war - cause lets face it....Suede doesn't last longer than the day you own it... ESPECIALLY if you are wearing them in snow with all the salt to damage your poor boot (not that I care for them)
Now for the first time in my entire life I have visited the site and found some hideous relatives of the UGG boot - o sheesh - take a look...Now I admit they are staying on target with trends - bright colors, animal prints, florals, color blocking, fringed, fur - but woahhhhh why do you need an UGG in the SPRING???? This is ridiculous...

Please visit LELA LUXE's page to hear her rant and rave about the was hilarious!!!

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  1. I agree Ugg-LEE! I could not believe how many people are walking around NYC with these goony-goo-goo boots on. Good post!!!!