Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 OSCARS - RED CARPET! - Best/Worst Dressed!!!

So it is that time of year again and New Yorkers have found another reason to go out drinking! YES its for the OSCARS!!! Bars all over the city are showing the oscars on their flat screens to attract customers and give them another reason to spend their money...and as works hahaha
Check out the red carpet outfits and let me know which one is your fave dress!

[The Look] Tuxedo Dress
[Reese Witherspoon]
[Princess Says] She looked gorgeous in the Armani Prive but...missing the wow factor... I do like her hair so...
I vote "Neutral"

[The Look] Hot like Fire
[Sandra Bullock]
[Princess Says] Hot sexy mamacita! Celebs are loving red this year and I love the square cut out at neckline! She looks smokin hot and its difficult to get it wrong in Vera Wang
I vote "YES"

[The Look] Sexified
[Scarlett Johansson]
[Princess Says] Wowwwwww in Dolce & Gabbana! She looked hair, sexy dress, gorgeous color... check, check and CHECK! Stylist is keeping the job and possibly getting a bonus haha
I vote "YES"
[The Look] Glamorous Fashionista
[Gweneth Paltrow]
[Princess Says] Absolutely love the square cut out, love the glitz and glamour in this very sleek gorgeous SIMPLE Calvin Klein dress. Sometimes keeping it simple makes a HUGE impact!
I vote this as one of my top 3!

[The Look] Bedazzle me Fancy
[Amy Adams]
[Princess Says] As much as I LOVE bling and anything sparkly, I feel like we have been there done that... The necklace is too much...too much going on....too much coverage...too much of everything in this L'Wren Scott dress.
I vote "Go home to change" 

[The Look] Scarlet Princess
[Anne Hathaway]
[Princess Says] Always looking fresh and gorgeous - she looks stunning in this Valentino dress! The dress is a typical promish dress but she seems to make it alive and new. The color is WOW against her pale, flawless skin.
I vote "YES"

[The Look] Typical Greek Goddess
[Ashlan Gorse]
[Princess Says] I feel like I'm sick of this Greek Goddess look...give me NEWWWW! And whats with the suppppper long dress...get it hemmed PLS!
I vote "Not Impressed"

[The Look] Black Mermaid
[Busy Philipps]
[Princess Says] She kept it safe and she looks great! Not my fave but def nothing to hate on...
I vote "OK"

[The Look] Backwards Backless Dress
[Cate Blanchett]
[Princess Says] What is going on here??? Im so confused... is that the back of her dress and she didn't want to show off her goods so she wore something underneath?? Think about how gorgeous this would've been if she had worn this backwards! Sorry Givenchy...FAIL!
I vote "GO HOME"

[The Look] Wow in White
[Celine Dion]
[Princess Says] Anybody who tells me she does not look amazing is friggin blind! Again we have the simple cut with the WOW factor.
I vote "YES"

[The Look] Botox Much
[Cheryl Hines]
[Princess Says] No comment because I can only focus on her botox.
I vote "Lay off the botox"

[The Look] Boring Floral
[Cody Horn]
[Princess Says] Only when I looked closely did I notice the print on her dress were flowers...I'm not impressed...I feel like this is a terrible pick for sunny weather...and its old...looks like she went to an old factory in China and asked them to pick a stock fabric to make this doesn't fit well either...And those fishnet fingerless she trying to pull off the "punk" look...Cause it just didn't work...
I vote 'NAY"

[The Look] Repeat of Amy Adams
[Dale Dickey]
[Princess Says] Did her and Amy Adams share fabric? Sucks to have a similar piece as someone else because you know the critics will eat you alive.. I have nothing to say except YAWN.
I vote "NAY"

[The Look] Old Porcelain Doll
[Florence Welch]
[Princess Says] Typically a porcelain doll is looked upon as perfect and gorgeous but here I find it to be boring and yellowing from old age... the skirt color doesn't match her the hair color on her but don't love the messiness of it...
I vote "NAY"

[The Look] Swan Princess
[Hailee Steinfeld]
[Princess Says] So sweet and innocent! Love that this young girl's stylist kept her pristine, age appropriate and pretty rather than sexy in a custom Marchesa gown.. how can I say anything mean about a beautiful little girl? 
I vote "YES"

[The Look] Muted Glamour
[Halle Berry]
[Princess Says] I want to see more color - she looks washed out...Gorgeous Marchesa dress...but not for her...
 I vote "Neutral"

[The Look] Goth Queen
[Helena Bonham]
[Princess Says] It never fails....she is always the worst looks like she went to a medieval costume store and picked out a random OLD piece... 
I vote "NAY"

[The Look] Ruffle My Feathers
[Hilary Swank]
[Princess Says] She has done it all in this dress, the bling, the ombre effect and the feathers - Love Gucci! But truly not a fan of this girl...wish someone else was wearing this dress... and add some diamonds on her neck...
I vote "YES" (just because she picked a good piece)

[The Look] Orange Pancake
[Jennifer Hudson]
[Princess Says] Yes she is proud that she lost weight but PLEASE do not show it off by flaunting your flat boobs and insulting a gorgeous Versace Dress! This dress is an eyepopper and sooooo hard to miss yet I don't even remember what it looks like because I cannot stop staring at her breasts! This stylist should be FIRED and I am also shocked that she let his people look in the mirror?
  I vote "NAY"
[The Look] Baywatch
[Jennifer Lawrence]
[Princess Says] This is a nice fit but OH SO BORING! Typical of Calvin Klein. I feel like she is wearing the gown version of Pamela Anderson's swim suit from Baywatch... Talk about putting no effort here...She is lucky she is hot... 
I vote "NAY"
[The Look] Jessica Rabbit
[Mallika Sherawat]
[Princess Says] Wowwwww loveee this dress!!!! She reminds me of Jessica Rabbit from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" - meowwwww missy...
I vote "YES"

[The Look] Granny Princess
[Mandy Moore]
[Princess Says] Please tell me what look she is trying to achieve here...I hate the hair...she doesn't look as gorgeous as usual and I barely recognized her!!! She looks old, washed out and just plain blah in this Monique L'Huillier dress
I vote " NAY"
[The Look] Not so Sweetheart
[Marisa Tomei]
[Princess Says] I hate the neckline - not flattering at all - this ruins the entire dress... 
I vote "NAY"
[The Look] Bandage Sparkle
[Mary Hart]
[Princess Says] Love the BIGGER IS BETTER waist treatment and as usual I love the sparkles...its a little bit dark but I'll let it pass... She's in style..not my fave but she's in lol... 
I vote "OK"

[The Look] Peek-a-boo Lace
[Melissa Leo]
[Princess Says] Not quite sure if she has anything underneath and quite frankly I don't want to know... I don't like the styling or the shape of this dress...looks old fashioned... Love the cut out, show skin idea but not the dress... 
I vote "NAY" 
[The Look] Sea World
[Michelle Williams]
[Princess Says] She looks like she is draped in a coral reef.. She is washed out, looks unhappy and I hate her pixie cut with dark brows...She's done better...Sorry Chanel...your dress looks like a disaster on Ms. Williams.
 I vote "NAY"
[The Look] Peek-a-boo Lace & chiffon!!!!
[Mila Kunis]
[Princess Says] THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVE!!!! They continued to show her because she just looks absolutely stunning in this Elie Saab dress!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!! 
I vote "YESSSS"

[The Look] Turq Goddess
[Nancy O'Dell]
[Princess Says] I love the color, the cut is classic, the one shoulder is seductive and she has gorgeous bling on her ears...
I vote "YES"

[The Look] Glowing Mother
[Natalie Portman]
[Princess Says] Love the color but don't love the length of this dress and not particularly fond of the neckline..yes yes she is prego and not a lot of choice when your about to pop but... WRONG she has the world at her beck and call and could've done a teeny weeny bit better than this Rodarte dress... 
I vote "Neutral"
[The Look] Oriental Ice Princess?
[Nicole Kidman]
[Princess Says] I'm not fond of the Dior oriental origami look... and the red shoes are WAYYY too much for this dress... I just don't love it.. She's done WAYYYY better... 
I vote "NAY"

[The Look] Fire Bomb
[Penelope Cruz]
[Princess Says] Lets start with her shape, no styling, old fashion streaks.. who is her hair stylist??? FIRED! She's normally so absolutely gorgeous, in with the times and perfect...what happened? and the dress by L'Wren Soctt...not my fave so I have to say... 
I vote "Neutral"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

THE THREE F'S - Fringe, Fur and Feathers!

Yes the final F word has been revealed and you cringed a little when you saw it - but before you turn away and reject it - just have a look at the fringes below...They are sexy, gorgeous and make you want to rock them! The accessories, the dresses and gotta love the BANGS! (Maybe because that is my hairstyle haha) I absolutely love Versace's take on fringes, definitely made something known for hideous cowboy propaganda and elvis jackets into a seductive sexy detail on a dress!
Just to remind everybody of how hideous a fringe COULD BE - I've included some images below - hehe....yummy isn't it????
It seems to be easy to do fringe the wrong way - but the designers that were capable of making it WOW should get an applause...I'm so jaded by the ugly fringe that I would have never thought to design something that even involved a fringe...but talent is talent and congrats to them! AND BOOOOOO for those who tried and failed! Better luck next time! If they are still in business....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

THE THREE F'S - Fur, Feathers and F?!

O yes I have just revealed my 2nd F word! FURRRRRR!!! (The 3rd one will be revealed tomorrow)
All about furrr, anything furrry whether its a coat, a bag or even a live pooch, FUR is hottttt right now! Literally! And what better way to stay warm in this terrible winter weather? Doesn't matter if you're against real fur, there are many beautiful pieces that are animal friendly like BEBE's Faux Fur Vest!
Fur is luscious and bold and been around for ages yet the trend has never died. This year seems to be a BIG year for fur! Check out this fashion site for Andrea Uku's page on Street Style and all the fur she's been finding! Its definitely a common piece in everybody's wardrobe! The great thing about it, is that there are so many variations of this trend and you can find it in almost any way you fancy it, whether its a HUGE fur coat or a simple trim on a collar.
Fur was commonly associated with wealthy women and men and lets not forget that it was an actual form of currency from the 1500's to 1900's. It wasn't as popular after that but was always considered a precious piece and only the richest of the rich had it...Now everyone can afford it - Darn!
By the way - I had to add in those disgusting Trapper Hats because as much as I hate it - someones loving it! HAHA

Monday, February 21, 2011

THE THREE F'S - Feathers, F? and F?!

The three F's that are super hot right now! Can you guess what they are? Well the first one is FEATHERS!!!! I will reveal the next 2 in the next couple of days! So stayed tuned and let me know if you can guess them :P
Feathers are sooooo in right now whether its on a dress, a hair accessory or on your lashes!
They have been around for a couple of years and getting stronger by the minute.
Its not your typical tribal feather or something tacky of that sort - these feathers are sleek, sexy and seductive! If you aren't loving the feather coat by Lanvin or the skirt by Jean Paul Gaultier then add some feathers in your accessories - these are inexpensive, subtle and gorgeous!
High end designers have trained the mass to associate feathers with wealth, prosperity and fortune! Feathers are FRIGGIN expensive therefore why did everyone think they were cheap and tacky? Well let me tell you! Feathers have been commonly found on Vegas show girls, flapper girls and raunchy Halloween costumes. The common denominator are that these ladies are not wearing enough clothing, using sex to their advantage and flaunting their disdain for what is commonly considered unacceptable behavior. And there you have it - now put those close-minded concepts away and start flaunting your Feathers!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


[SASSY MINX] I have never seen so many rubbers on the street until I moved to NYC! And NO I'm notttt talking about condoms! I am seeing too many rubber, rain/hunter boots - WHATEVER you want to call them...Again with the hunting gear - Referring back to my TRAPPER TREND.

I understand it's rainy sometimes and many people walk but there are so many nice, winterized or waterproof boots out there...why choose the ugly cheap looking ones? Not only do they look cheap but the high end retailers and designers are selling them BRANDED for an arm and a leg...they probably paid a big 2$ for these boots in china and are laughing their way to the bank as people rush in to buy them for hundreds of dollars (ex: Valentino for $295)

The worst part is that I cannot get away from them - I am seeing them so much that I almost bought a pair! Sickening! They have become trendy and are worn on NON- rainy days...eww..I can accept the rainy days because God knows I hate wet feet but please if there is no rain - DO NOT WEAR THEM!
When I was 10 and used to visit my aunt's farm, she would wear those big ugly rain boots to avoid stepping in cow dung and NOW you want me to wear these as a fashion statement? What is next???

Now some of these pieces are standard but the ones by Versace and Cheap Monday are pretty enticing. YES, Versace considers these to be rainboots LOL. I included the Versace ones to reference back to my "TREND ALERT" Peek-a-boo - completely useless to be considered a rain boot but at least its sexy! Cheap Monday has done a mighty fine job of designing a trendy rain boot but I can only imagine the dirt and gross stuff that would get stuck in there from slipping them on and off. Hot runway piece but not usefull...Too bad!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


BIGGER IS BETTER! Bigger, longer, bolder! That's what she said right!!! Well designers all over the world are reflecting this trend. These are some key pieces to add to your wardrobe to stay current and to spice it up! Oh and by the way...get your mind out of the gutter!!!
BIGGER IS BETTER! That's right! I said it - to catch all you dirty little minds hahaha but it is in fact true - whether it is a basic fabric/belt or it is elaborate, it is making a BIG statement! This also brings back the sexiness of corsetry. TIP - Ladies, this is also a nice way to cinch the waist and have it appear small!
LENGTH MATTERS - Well at least with thigh high boots it does! To each their own in any other way but in fashion right now - Length Matters! Even though these ladies are covered practically head to toe it is still such a sexual trend and is associated with prostitution or should I say sexual activity. I think this is why I feel some people are holding back - but you will follow...soon haha

CHUNK-A-LICIOUS - Kind of sounds like a big chunky chocolate cookie - but WRONG. This trend is showing that it does not matter the material of these gorgeous bangles, whether metal or wood grain but that we should be pimping out our wrists and showing off our outrageous side.

ELABORATE NECKS - this here is showing that we do not need to show off our seductive neck to sexify our outfit! Not only are these necklaces the main focus, whereas normally people want it to be their face but they are pairing it with these wild outfits that have just as much going on. Does this mean that there are more ugly people emerging and designers are trying to hide it???? haha oops