Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Precious White!!!

Ooh la la white! As always white is a gorgeous summer color and it is always included in designer spring/summer collections whether haute couture or mass market! The different part about the white trend this Spring 2011 is the fact that the hot thing to do is to wear ALL white - from head to toe! Shoes, tops, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, bags, hats, jewelry and whatever else to tickle your fancy! Yes matchy matchy - lets hope not to get dirty! The toughest thing to keep clean = white wardrobe..The problem with this crispy clean color is that you wear it once and then it must either sit in your laundry basket or be sent to the dry cleaners... This can get quitttte pricey...so I tend to keep these white pieces to a minimum but you bet I will be sporting this trend at least once (most likely more because I love white against sunkissed skin :D)

Mini tid bit*** Pleassssseee promise to match up your whites...not all whites are white! Can you believe that lol...the worst is to see someone wearing a bluish white with a greyish white...or even ivory...big no no....just make sure it looks good together...IN THE SUNLIGHT!