Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As I was on the prowl for a new swim suit for beach season coming up - I decided to analyze the MERCEDES BENZ SWIM collection and break it down into trend categories to see what is really hot right now because you know us fashionistas love to be wearing the hottest trendiest pieces :D

Now everybody already knows what swim suit is good for their body type and what the basics are so I decided to skip those and zone in on the trendy colors/cuts and prints! Here goes:

I work in the lingerie fashion industry and this FAUX-DENIM trend is really hot right now - All our biggest retailers are dying for any style that is in relation to this trend...obviously everybody in swim wear loves it too!!! This used to be associated to a very urban customer but not so much anymore!

This is a new trend that I am loving but these are solely show pieces - nobody in real life that wants to go to the beach would wear these lol but I still find them hot - these pieces look like they can be a 2 pc bikini but connected with netting, knots or lace - LOVE the black Beach Bunny swimsuit on the right!

Wow someones got cold nippies hahaha - crossovers are very popular right now - they used to be strong way back when but made a nice come back to spice up a simple swim suit!

O feathers! I heart them!!! They are so pretty and feminine and if you notice they are all peacock feathers :) Feathers are stilllll hottttt guysssss so keep on wearing them!

Eh they say everyone hates a gold digger but baby I love em - I am a sucker for anything gold! It was sort of taboo to wear all gold and a weeee bit raunchy but hell if you have the body - pleassssse rock it!!!

Ahhh jungle fever - I love what it means (haha) but Im not a hugggge fan of it...its kind of typical and pretty strong every year but just so you all know - its stillll here...so your still in style if your wearing it from decades ago lol

Now this trend is hot - mmmm especially on the guyyyy!!! I love a man that can wear girly colors and not be shy about it! I like the whole mix and match idea that Tyler Rose has going on :) Now I can go into my swim suit collection and mix-n-match whatever I want loll

Had to prove my point about the 3 hottest Spring 2011 colors - Yes orange is hot for both men and women!

MMMM I have nothing to say - pink speedo on sexy body - what more is there hahaha

This is a gorgeous Spring 2011 color - reminds me of an ice cold freezy pop - mmm I cannot wait for summer :D

OOOO white - lovvvve white - when you get a nice tan and your wearing white...sooo sexy! I am loving the whole crochet idea by Lisa Maree but more of a show piece if anything...
Designers are adding anything to give their basics added value and more funnnn! Everyone has a basic 2 pc but not everyone has starfish on theirs like Luli Fama!! I like to be different so these are a lot of fun :)

Meowwwww (or a zebra sound lol) - animals are sexy as helll this year in everything! I was kind of shocked that there weren't too many leopard prints but gotta love any animal :D

These are some fierce pieces! I wouldn't wear any of them except Mara Hoffmans 2 pc - WOW sexy as hellllll - I think I want to buy it for my trip!!!

Bigger is better! I am loving the first pc but abit scared about the boldness of the crotch area - make sure your clean shaven lollll and I think I want to buy the white Caffe swim suit alsooo ahhh too many choices!

These are cute but I am not sure how I feel about these lingerie-ish pieces...I like to keep my sexy lingerie collection separate from my swim suit collection... Seduction should be saved for the bedroom :x (As if swim suits have not become skimpy enough already)

Love these wild cards but pleassssse where can you wear these??? Terrible tan lines - eek - definitely for Miami rooftop parties under the umbrellas... Or for people that don't need or want to tan...not MOI! lol

To view the entire collection of each Designer click HERE

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  1. Mmmmmm... I love most of them. But I cannot wear any of those anymore....would love to see some one piece swimsuits next. Anything interesting?