Monday, March 28, 2011

Should Fashion and Food mix???

TOP SHOP said yes to this question but their customers said noooooooo - these 3 tops are now 50% off and stilllll expensive!!! I would never wear this but hey who am I to judge... Just have to say they tried and obviously failed...who is this Ashish person anyway? Does he call himself a designer? I could slap a couple of pictures of food and have them screen printed on a crappy t-shirt or sweat shirt tooooo and sell it for an excessive amount of money!! These are worth no more than 20$ at retail...why would the buyers from TOP SHOP think this was worth the value? I really don't think this is an image that their branding team would want people to associate them with...but who am I? Well I'm an opinionated consumer haha and apparently not the only one that disagreed with this purchase - hence they are half price!

Smiley Face Fry Up Sweat by Ashish
  • Was $120.00
  • Now $60.00

Fast Food Tee by Ashish
  • Was $80.00
  • Now $40.00

Banana Split Tee by Ashish
  • Was $80.00
  • Now $40.00

    1 comment:

    1. don't like wearing food unless I'm in a food fight, then it is worth it. ha ha