Thursday, January 27, 2011


Meet Sassy Minx - She is the diva lady that will give you her insight on the emerging trends that she most HATES!

[Sassy Minx] As much as I am loving some of the newest trends seen all over the city - I am also seeing MANY trends that I HATE! Somehow people are eating them alive and can't get enough of them! The one I hate today are TRAPPER HATS! Yes those big furry God awful trapper hats that every man and woman insist on buying to keep warm! What happened to normal hats??? Is it hot to be walking around like your Simba? King/Queen of the jungle? (yessss I mentioned queen to be politically correct) OK, obviously they keep you warm but what is sexy with being associated to a hunter? Come here big boy (says a creepy big hairy woman) - Unless your tall thin and modelesque, this hat equals not sexy in my books and I don't care what anyone says!
Please leave your comments below if you care to explain why you so dearly love this trend! I'm up for some convincing...BUT if you hate it - PLEASE SHARE TOO! HAHA

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CAGE-A-LICIOUS! Throw me in a cage and lock me away!

Please tell me what BIRD CAGES and FASHION have in common!!!! EVERYTHING!!! Check out these fab pieces that are proving that any item can be a hot commodity if the great designers believe in it! From shoes to bags to dresses to pants and even FULL on bird cages! Now lets not get too into this fashion - I really don't want to have to start wearing bird cages just to stick with the hottest long will this stick? NO CLUE! But they have transitioned some really nice pieces from this thematic. What will I find next...AHHHHH you will just have to wait and see :)
Completely boggled by this one - how does a bird cage make it on the runway of Valentino? Was he on drugs? HAHAHA

Cages in the bedroom - NOW we are talking! Something I can see as more acceptable for those sex freaks! Leave it up to Jean-Paul Gaultier to take care of that!
Maison Martin Margiela....really??? I can just imagine the pinching going on when any wrong movement is made... The bags are more realistic, marketable and NORMAL! Well done Mr Marc Jacobs!

EXTREMELY hot! Nice take on showing the legs but not too much of it - unskanky - GOOD job fellow designers! This is an item I'd definitely want to buy to sexify myself ;)

Chanel is showing the importance of this trend by having it show multiple times in the fall winter collection - Love the booties! and it seems that they are lined with a nude fabric to create the optical illusion of the skin showing - SEXY!

VERSACE - I have nothing more to say here - Donnatella has always kept it sassy! Inevitable from her!

Alexander Mcqueen - not quite marketable but a nice piece to have on the catwalk. Chanel - AGAIN - using the cage influence - LOVE those earrings! BCBG - always current with the trends.
Love love LOVE these key pieces!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


OK so winter is here and boy is it cold! Somehow designers like Chanel, Versace and Valentino found a way to push a HOT trend that will leave you feeling frisky in the winter weather.Everything from transparent shirts, dresses and pants to cut outs and peek-a-boos!
Here we have Phi - the update to the ripped denim, now with solid clean lines and a bold statement of skin.
Alexander Mcqueen (RIP) - has always created elaborate pieces and still going strong - an entire dress made of fabric leaves or flowers telling us that showing A LOT of skin is HOT right now!
And Mr Valentino - always known as the prim and proper seductive designer of dresses has created a flower and skin patch dress - obviously keeping it pretty and feminine but I admire his effort to move forward with trends in a classy way.

Jean-Paul Gaultier - these pieces are very fancy and I am not quite sure if you would catch anyone wearing the first dress but the transparent blouse has definitely been in style for a while and still going strong - hopefully with something underneath.
Alexis Mabile is trying to make a hard statement and it is working! You can see her panties - the only place I could see this moving forward is on the beach...let's wait and see!

OK Chanel, Valentino and Elie Saab - we know you absolutely lovvve to be proper but what is going on here? I am confused! A full length gown to keep the class and coverage yet it is made of an entirely transparent fabric to show all! Please tell me - should we show it all or should we cover up? Aha - we should show it off with taste and class and not skanky little stripper girls - you guys are soooo smart!
Versace - greatest innovator of their time - Donnatella does a great job living up to the standards and leading the world with the hottest trends. She has been designing crazy pieces like this forever and it`s finally nice to see that everyone is catching up - or is this bad? Does this mean she is slacking?
Elie Saab - very classy and easy style to wear. This is definitely a piece that Ms Julia Roberts or Natalie Portman would wear at a red carpet event!

Chanel - I absolutely love the beading inserted in the cut out - this gives it something extra that is not easily copied by price conscious brands. Very romantic, sexy and feminine.

Amanda Wakeley, Rad Hourani and Versace - They all have something in common - can you guess? Bet you didn't know they all wanted your feet to freeze in the winter time! I am finding these cutout details on booty/sandals, thigh high boots and regular boots. This is VERY unpractical...gorgeous but unpractical.. It is fun to buy one of these pairs but PLEASE do not wear socks!!!

Now please explain to me how this is a trend found in winter collections???
As much as we love it and are dying to wear the hottest trends, this should have been geared towards resort or spring/summer collections.
The crazy part is that we are still seeing it all over New York City - peep toe bootie wedges, cut out dresses, lace long sleeves, cut out denim pants and soooo many more items...DURING WINTER - being sold NOW!!! I think today is the most bone chilling day in NYC but somehow the ladies are STILL wearing those sexy open toe shoes or cut out dresses to brunch parties. (Yes DAY parties - full on DAY parties - gotta love NYC for that! hehe - more on that subject on my weekly hot spots)