Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CAGE-A-LICIOUS! Throw me in a cage and lock me away!

Please tell me what BIRD CAGES and FASHION have in common!!!! EVERYTHING!!! Check out these fab pieces that are proving that any item can be a hot commodity if the great designers believe in it! From shoes to bags to dresses to pants and even FULL on bird cages! Now lets not get too into this fashion - I really don't want to have to start wearing bird cages just to stick with the hottest trends...how long will this stick? NO CLUE! But they have transitioned some really nice pieces from this thematic. What will I find next...AHHHHH you will just have to wait and see :)
Completely boggled by this one - how does a bird cage make it on the runway of Valentino? Was he on drugs? HAHAHA

Cages in the bedroom - NOW we are talking! Something I can see as more acceptable for those sex freaks! Leave it up to Jean-Paul Gaultier to take care of that!
Maison Martin Margiela....really??? I can just imagine the pinching going on when any wrong movement is made... The bags are more realistic, marketable and NORMAL! Well done Mr Marc Jacobs!

EXTREMELY hot! Nice take on showing the legs but not too much of it - unskanky - GOOD job fellow designers! This is an item I'd definitely want to buy to sexify myself ;)

Chanel is showing the importance of this trend by having it show multiple times in the fall winter collection - Love the booties! and it seems that they are lined with a nude fabric to create the optical illusion of the skin showing - SEXY!

VERSACE - I have nothing more to say here - Donnatella has always kept it sassy! Inevitable from her!

Alexander Mcqueen - not quite marketable but a nice piece to have on the catwalk. Chanel - AGAIN - using the cage influence - LOVE those earrings! BCBG - always current with the trends.
Love love LOVE these key pieces!

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