Wednesday, February 16, 2011


[SASSY MINX] I have never seen so many rubbers on the street until I moved to NYC! And NO I'm notttt talking about condoms! I am seeing too many rubber, rain/hunter boots - WHATEVER you want to call them...Again with the hunting gear - Referring back to my TRAPPER TREND.

I understand it's rainy sometimes and many people walk but there are so many nice, winterized or waterproof boots out there...why choose the ugly cheap looking ones? Not only do they look cheap but the high end retailers and designers are selling them BRANDED for an arm and a leg...they probably paid a big 2$ for these boots in china and are laughing their way to the bank as people rush in to buy them for hundreds of dollars (ex: Valentino for $295)

The worst part is that I cannot get away from them - I am seeing them so much that I almost bought a pair! Sickening! They have become trendy and are worn on NON- rainy days...eww..I can accept the rainy days because God knows I hate wet feet but please if there is no rain - DO NOT WEAR THEM!
When I was 10 and used to visit my aunt's farm, she would wear those big ugly rain boots to avoid stepping in cow dung and NOW you want me to wear these as a fashion statement? What is next???

Now some of these pieces are standard but the ones by Versace and Cheap Monday are pretty enticing. YES, Versace considers these to be rainboots LOL. I included the Versace ones to reference back to my "TREND ALERT" Peek-a-boo - completely useless to be considered a rain boot but at least its sexy! Cheap Monday has done a mighty fine job of designing a trendy rain boot but I can only imagine the dirt and gross stuff that would get stuck in there from slipping them on and off. Hot runway piece but not usefull...Too bad!

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  1. Come on!!!! I love the Versace rubber rain boots. Can you feel it on the streets of Montréal. It could work. N'est Pas!
    I think Chanel has it right.