Sunday, March 6, 2011

[Sassy Minx] "TRENDS I HATE" - Snow tires, moccasins and construction boots = NO!!

[Sassy Minx]Yes, you couldn't believe it when you saw it, it was like your worst woke up screaming, sweating, feeling like you were almost pushed over the edge... Then reality hit and it was like a BAD dream come true - the snow tire, moccasin, construction booty IS BACK!!!! AHHHH! WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE TREND? Its like trying to cook a recipe of disaster! Mixing and matching things that JUST DON'T WORK!

I understand you love to be comfortable and you could probably trek across the entire country in these suckers but GOSH why would you want to look like shit doing it?
Sorry to all those ladies that are cringing and hating on the "Trend I hate" right now but please do yourself a favor...throw them away... These were hot in the 90's and God obviously forgot to forbid them to come back...

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