Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring 2011 - Denim DO or Denim DON'T?

Denim denim denim, what will we do with it when everyone's brain is embedded with 80's bedazzled denim or full on denim outfits from the 90`s that make people cringe and shy away. Well there is light at the end of the tunnel not that anyone would care because they have just avoided it unless it was a pair of jeans...butttttt if you really want to stay trendy this will need at least one or 2 of these pieces to add to your collection. Now it seems like a tough thing to do but I'm sure if Mr. Louboutin could sport this trend in his Spring 2011 shoe collection... I`m prettttty sure you could do it too :)
A denim wedge or sandal is a playful way to include this trend in your spring collection - its casual, its flirty and is easily paired with any color of the rainbow, the same way a denim pair of jeans would - good basic to include! This Denim swim suit is really hottt right now - check it out in the Mercedes Benz Swim Suit Guide!
Jeggings (aka extremely stretchy jeans - jean/leggings) are reallllly hot right now - why???? Because they are soooo comfortable and thicker than legging fabric to avoid showing all the beautiful cellulite that us gorgeous women are blessed with....
These are some of the Spring 2011 denim trends that should be scaring you away! Oversized, boring and doubled! Why do these designers think these pcs would sell for their insanely high prices???? They are sooooo unflattering and if I see this on anyone in Manhattan, I swear I will buy a bucket of paint and throw it on them..hideous!!!
If you are interested in how to rock double denim please visit this site!


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  1. Oh ya Denim Don'ts Really Good advice. Yucky Poo poo. Even for the unshapely women it will give them a lovely boxy figure. What we all want. NOT!