Saturday, April 23, 2011

ROCK OUT with your C...ROCK OUT!!!

Geodes are the new rage right now! Well at least in my books but I guess the celebs would vouch for that also! What a spunky accessory that is bound to get some attention from MEN & WOMEN without breaking the bank! Don't get me wrong, some pieces are crazy expensive but you can 100% find gorgeous pieces for the right price and guess what?? Each one is unique! How amazing is it to enjoy something that is "AU NATUREL." A piece that is basking in all of mother nature's glory!? Can you believe that these were found and simply cracked or cut open - and VOILA, you have gorgeous effortless beauty! I definitely suggest adding these show stoppers to your collection, if you haven't already because you are sure to get compliments - actually - I assure you that you will get compliments EVERYTIME you wear a piece of geode jewelry!

This was sent to me after viewing my post - I had to show that she is a good girl and showing off her rock!


  1. Wearing my rock OUT today.: I do get a lot of compliments!!!!! great post